Monday, 16 May 2011

Can never be!

It is a strange thing that I should fall for you

Although unwanted and undesired.
Yet I find myself in this static state
Of fixed emotion attracted to your ways.

But my love is a tragic play
A calamity at best the tale will portray
I must resist any notion of a happy day.

I speak thus for there is fear within
A plot which age has made more real
A scene I wish you no part to take
So silence must be the course I emulate.

Life is not life but death to me
Joy is but sorrow 
And love a dread
The passions I know are few and blue.

It is a strange thing that I should fall for you
And stranger yet that you should fall for me
But we as contrary as life and death
We like the seasons can never be!

( The last line of this poem is meant to mean that just like summer and winter can never meet that is to be at the same time likewise they can never be together). 


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