Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Though I walk through the Valley

What valleys avails your soul oh dear saint of God? Before you read further, pause, and consider this question to your own dear situation of which your God knows of. 

Have you reflected upon your valleys? It may be many or one or perhaps there is no valley which engulfs your path. If there is none yet, there will be one to come and it is my earnest desire that you should be ready to walk it lest you faint on the way and perish in disbelief.

There are many valleys in which marks the life of many saints and many of them have been walked by your Lord and saviour. His valley was built on a hill, on curvy paths and rocky grounds. His was marred with pains and groans and yet there is no saint who had more hope in God than He. Never did he question His Father’s love and when the times grew tough and the rain blew with hails yet he maintained his course even though he knew of his brutal end. Yet he had a better hope and a better eyes for he was an heavenly man and He knew his reward awaited him. For the Joy set before him, he endured the cross and the shame of men; he overcame the world so that you may overcome. 

Now, you may raise an objection that Jesus was a man sent from heaven, that He was the Son of God. True; but he was made like you in every way. He was a partaker of true blood and true flesh and tempted in every way but yet he walked his valley and trusted in His heavenly Father. Are you not also a child of the Most high and have you not been quickened by the Spirit so that now you are a completely new creation? In the positive for you are now a regenerated soul and have the divine Spirit living in you of which also dwelled in Christ. Therefore, with all grace and mercy be assured that whatever is your valley, you do not walk it alone and your master is before you and you only need to fix your eyes upon him and soon you will receive the joy thereof. 

There are the valleys of death, the valleys of despair and sorrow, the valleys of pain, the valleys of sin and many more a valley. Figure out which valley you stand and set your heart entirely upon your God that he shall deliver you and allow you grace to walk to the end. 

I beseech you with great encouragements not to fall, or be tempted to leave, or be tempted to make peace with your valley. But be of the same mind of David, when he uttered ‘although I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. For my God is with me, he is my rod and my staff and shall comfort me’. 

Is your valley the valley of sin, and are you tempted within and without. Is your whole body after the desire of the flesh and you feel your Spirit weak. Cling on to his rod and staff, cling on to his word and promises; call upon His Spirit to light up your darkness and remember his grace. Remember his gospel and remember your Father’s Loving face. Remember the finished work of Christ upon the Cross and remember the chief doctrine of Justification. Do not relent but continue knowing that many a pilgrim, many a saint like yourself have embarked this journey and when found at the end, rejoiced so violently that their energies were like a raging fire upon a forest.

Whatever may be your valley, Remember Jesus Christ, your captain and Saviour. God delights in you and though you walk a dark valley yet His light and presence will see you through, 


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