Friday, 13 May 2011

A prayer for my soul

Oh God of glory
Thou art mighty and lifted high
I am but a worm, a fading flower
I am here today and gone tomorrow.
My feelings are like the wind, it blows without direction
And I'm soon to move with its waves.
I find myself without words to say
I am dismayed at my abject poverty
Yea poverty of soul and lack of faithfulness.
I long to cry and weep with mighty tears
At how far I have fallen and yet I feel a force hold me so firm.
To drop but I cannot and I find myself on my knees to say this prayer.
Hear the misery of my heart and come to me.
Come quickly before I am taken over
For in darkness there is no one to praise you.
I am prone to wonder - keep me firm and steady.
Oh how you have humbled my soul 
And the morning I wait for, for your steadfast kiss
And promised mercy 
That once again I may drink of your mercy and grace
And be covered with the light of your face.


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