Saturday, 21 May 2011

What Beauty is

What beauty is; I ask the rain
Before the day pass away.
What beauty is; nature I must know
Before the light creeps away.
Tis sweet to look yonder up
To gaze upon the smiling stars
But ah! My fatigued soul does sigh
At the lack of beauty’s laugh.

I breathe a prayer; I must know
I must go to beauty’s lair.
Lest I sink in utter despair
And join in with the angel’s tears!
Hark! The seraphim do not sing
The flowers bend at love’s despair!

But I must know what beauty is
To draw my song which plays me sleep.
I bid thee please, my perplexity relief
To trace the path the leaves fortold
Long ago before God did spoke
The fragrance smelt and sparkled the rims
The incense bore the natural worship of thee!


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