Sunday, 29 May 2011

Miscellanies 5: Dancing for God

It is my joy to see the saints of God in the congregation to be moved with such high affections for Yahweh, that their feet are forced to dance. There is much excitements in many of them, a festive excitement that with their whole body they engage in praising and delighting in Him. This I guess is a holy substitute or rather the natural expression of clubbing if one can call it that. For it is a strange notion to our culture that one should dance with such vigour for God. All of their (the ungodly) taste of such excitements and appetite are in secular environments laden with sinful desires but here is a holy party; more fun than any pagan arrangements. As it is natural for ungodly men to have high affections for ungodly parties or things, it is more natural also for the saints of Christ to have high affections for their God who brought them from their pitiful condition. Also, God has put such indescribable joy in the heart of his saints that it is almost a sin not to rejoice or be composed with such high affections for Yahweh. 

Therefore, let your heart be glad and feel no shame - have a party, have a feast; let only the world to see your ever-increasing joy in Jesus Christ your saviour and righteousness.


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