Thursday, 26 May 2011

Generous cutting

Yesterday was one of those days where I saw my countenance drift from high to low. The morning with its renewed mercy witnessed me a lonely soul acquainted with solitude reading with not much fellowship. The afternoon and evening would witness me in the company of many people which would cheer up my soul.

In the afternoon the UWE football guys played a charity netball match with the UWE netball girls team and it was a joy to my soul to have taken part. Although we lost and that by a distant margin it was a pleasure to be humbled and to play alongside such talented girls. I was amazed at their skills and couldn’t help commenting that if we were to play them at football then the score line would be to our advantage. I enjoyed learning more about netball and I wish the netball girls all the best for the year.

But the main point of this article is to talk about my volunteering at the wild goose café which is a charity organization that exist to serve the homeless people in Bristol. I was glad to have the opportunity to serve as there is a joy in serving for free knowing that your service is rendering a great benefit to many souls. I was particularly indebted to one girl who came to pick me up and drove me back safely home. It was the joy of my heart to see her again after such prolong absence without being entertained with her sweet presence.

The evening brought with it the usual company, some happy, some sad, and many indifferent but all thankful for the meal freely received. I took two responsibilities mainly buttering the bread and cutting the cake which brings about the title of this blog. A volunteer who is so kind in heart, satisfied the people by cutting the cakes in such large portions that many were eager to eat of the abundance provided for them. This brought about a reflection, well, it was a conscious reflection and as I’m writing this piece I am adding more to my reflection. I reflected that God is so kind and generous to us and his heart towards us is of a loving Spirit. He delights to give us blessings beyond what we deserve and when he gives us our cake He gives us so generously so as to never lacking or to be left wanting more. In the gospel he has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.

God is generous and grace and peace is ours in abundance. This week I want to exhort you to go and do likewise - that is to be generous and kind. Let the grace of God so fill your thirsty soul that your heart is free to give abundantly and kindly. Let us be imitators of Christ our Lord and saviour and our hope of a future resurrection.


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