Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Joy of Confession 12

Sinner: I am moved to tears once again with my palms placed over my face because of the wretch I am. I am deeply troubled in my soul, anguished by my lack of faithfulness and continual rebellion. I see the misery within and the uncontrollable nature of my sins, the unending depths of my depravity that I begin to wonder whether I am part of the Lord’s camp. Have I deceived myself to be with Christ when reality shows that I have never departed the devils prison. Whatever it may be, my present condition is in a pitiful state, a spiritual desert, a phantom existence that I can look no where but to hell wherein is my portion. I feel myself unable to look to Christ, that adorable face of which my sins nailed to that cursed tree and of which I continue to do so in as much as I continue in my rebellion. I am ashamed and I despise my soul but where to now? What road shall I walk now when I have so failed my beloved? It seems the day will end but my darkness remains. What shall I do sir?

Sir: Oh My troubled son - do this one thing. Pray and trust in His faithfulness!


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