A Kingdom Girl and Boy

She's a Kingdom girl
She has a story to tell
She believes in Miracles
She believes in God healing you

He's a Kingdom boy
He has a story to tell
He believes in Miracles
He believes in God healing you

She prays for the sick
And sees them healed
He preaches to the captives
And sees them free

They Rejoice in the Spirit
And dance to His beat
When they throw a party
They invite all the weak

She's a kingdom girl
With a passion to declare
God's Love for you
She prays so sweet

He's a Kingdom boy
And he's a leader as well
We see in him
All the traits of a Prince

When they first met eyes
They fell so in Love
That they sold all they had
For the kingdom cause.

He's a Kingdom boy
She's a Kingdom girl
Loving Jesus
Till theyboth met their end.



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