Friday, 13 May 2011

The forgotten country: France

It is to my joy that I have the wonderful opportunity to be friends with two amazing godly individuals who live in France. Derek and Melissa are real fire fighters for the gospel of Christ and I have seen in them a passion for the gospel that I've rarely seen in most young adults. Their audible faith in a silent nation is a witness of how lukewarm perhaps our faith is here in England where there are many churches but so little passion for social and heart transformation. I asked Derek and Melissa to prepare an article and they chose to prepare one on France on the gospel work that is happening there. The article is brief but worth a read and will also inform you of how you can be praying for this forgotten land.

I/ Religious Background in France 

When in the United Kingdom John Wesley Charles Spurgeon and others were bringing a revival in the country, Emile Zola, Victor Hugo, Gustave Flaubert and others were bringing a stream of Humanism in France that lead to the law of La├»city in 1905. It officially is forbidden to speak about Jesus, praise Jesus in public places or buildings. France literally kicked God out of France. And now we are reaping the fruits: Only 1 church for 30000 inhabitants! The average member in a church in France is 50. France is also known as the missionary graveyard. We don’t really carry the burden to speak for Jesus in our local areas and thus overall France is in Darkness. 

II/ The creation of the CNEF: 

It was created last june! It was a historical event, it is a national council for all evangelicals in France. ( Charistmatics, Baptists, Pentecostals, and other evangelicals). The aim is to work together with the 400000 christians in France to impact our country, to be known to the authorities to speak as one voice in unity and to plant churches in France; 1 for 10000 inhabitants. There is much work to be done!!! There are more Christians in Pakistan than in France!!! ( in numbers and percentage) We pray and intercede for our country. It is new for us as it seems that God is bringing revival to the Youth. 

III/ Youth in France 

In several churches in France we noticed a passion for Christ and a genuine desire to share what He has done to us. The Spirit is like “wind” we don’t know where it comes from nor do we know where it goes. Some evangelism trainings have been launched ( R2E-REF) so that we would be equipped and trained to pass on the vision to the new generation. It is so encouraging to be part of the Plan of God and to be used as a servant of His Majesty. It really seems that a new generation is rising up, wanting to know God, and wanting to see God's power and love change lives ! Many evangelism camps have been organized (Plagestation, Light on the Street, Bouge ta Ville Mulhouse...), allowing the youth to use dances, flyers, songs and different tools to reach the lost. Of course, this is only one week in a person's life. But little is much when God is in it!  

Please pray for France, pray for more workers to the large harvest!!! 

Derek.S and Melissa.V 

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