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Highs and lows of University

Undoubtedly the lows of my university experience is the consistency of failure to meet up to expectations in regards to degree results and whilst some were exceedingly good others which counted where exceedingly low. A disappointing period I would say in terms of marks and grades and upon reflection, a hard working spirit may have worked harder and thus gained better results. But this is all past and one must look to the future but the past has a way of shaping one’s future and although certain of a pass nevertheless it is not what my soul would have desired. This injury has the attributes to conjure up all sorts of depressing emotions and self condemnation but above all it is the view of others about oneself of which the flesh is apt  to feel most ashamed.

The highs of university have been in the areas outside the academic realm, such as the building of friendship and fellowship; the developments of one’s character and the indisputable accolade of sporting achievement which to be fair is relatively minor. I am also astonished at the improvement of my soul forever moving heavenwards and having a fixed trajectory upon ministry duties and a hunger to grow in all knowledge concerning godliness and to knowing with un-surpassing measure the one they called Christ, the Son of the Living God. Critical to mention is also the ongoing attempt of my soul to fight off my entangling sins of which at times have almost crippled me and dull my blade and if not for that heavenly doctrine of justification by faith alone I would have perhaps been as that miserable soul who was forever locked up in the dungeon of despair.

The Lord as exalted me and He has humbled me. He has walked me through the road of humiliation and it is there in which I have learnt humility, that I have learnt all boasting to be futile and all self-righteousness to be fleeting. It is a common thing although deadly to base one’s life and identity upon one’s achievements and worldly merits although  these are of good advantage if one adheres to the wisdom proclaimed in the book of proverbs. The Lord has his way to make his saints trust in nothing else except Himself (God) and whereas the future may look rather depressing to them, God in His sovereignty is shaping lights and white garments for their wearing and crowning.

Now, in all sincerity, feeling my future to be blank, I have a good faith that the Lord has already filled it with all such pleasantries which delights his Soul for I am convinced that I am a Son of his and therefore everything is for my good. Although I know not how or how things may take the shape for worse yet I am convinced that all in all Christ has me in his hands and therefore will shape my destiny and will to meet his divine purpose.



  1. Hey K.Oni,

    I really liked this post. Too often people view the success of a man more by the title of his job, his education, and the amount of his paycheck, rather than the quality of his character. God will use trials and discipline in our lives to develop Godly character in us. Hebrews 12:6 says that He disciplines those He loves.

    I will pray that He will bless you as you continue to seek His will for your life.

    God Bless,


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