Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Changed by His grace

I had a call today from an old friend. He whispered to me words of which my soul needed to hear. He said ‘Ken, you have changed a lot since the old days, all I can really remember of you was of back then and how God as mightily worked in you’. I was moved with a solemn reflection and in all plausibility I was more amazed at the transformation of my friend and how God had plucked him from a depraved lifestyle and conformed his heart to love and cherish Christ of which back then many would have thought an impossibility.

His words were like honey to my soul because it brought about a sweet remembrance of the grace and providence of God which was at work all these years in my life and that God is not yet finished with me. I still have a great deal of sanctification and purification to walk through and instead of possessing a spirit of unworthiness, rather, I should possess a spirit of patience in the outworking of God to conform me to be more like His Son. In my failures I should not be to quick to despair and discouraged but should rejoice in the bounty of his grace and gospel and whisper to my soul ‘I am not what I used to be but I am on my way of becoming what I am to be’. 

God’s grace changes people and the final destination of our change is Jesus Christ. But this change is gradual and a process of which God is committed in completing. If you belong to God, you can be certain of your graduation because although we are not competent of ourselves, God is fully competent and an unbelief in the completion of your sanctification is an unbelief in the promises of God and a mistrust in God himself.

So my readers, do well to avail your souls of any doubts and musings but rest in the confidence of the good Lord who never fails. He choose you and then He called you through the gospel, and all whom God has called effectively will arrive at heavens shore although you may be scarred and trodden nevertheless your arrival is guaranteed, sealed by the blood of the precious Lamb.


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