Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A prayer for my soul - I thank you God that you are my Father

I thank you God that you are a Loving Father
One in whom there is no deceit nor lie.
Each morning, you arise to care for your children
And each night you spread your blanket over them.
You have provided a Shepherd to guide and lead them
You have given them a comforter to always comfort them.
I thank you God that you are my Father
And have richly lavished your grace and joy upon me
I thank you God, I cannot thank you enough
Of how glad my heart is that you are my Father.
I pray that your children will know that you are for them
In their trials, pain and miseries, that you will never leave nor forsake them.
It is you who delighted to be our God, our ever providing Father
Supplying all our needs and giving us our daily bread.
Forgive us when we fail to trust, fail to see your kind and merciful heart.
Forgive us when we doubt your Fatherly ways.
Oh My God, my Daddy and King 
To whom belong all glory and praise
I love you but I pray I may love you more.
I have settled with my heart to always trust
To always believe that you work it all for my good.
You are my Father, when everything seems to fail, this I shall know
That you are forever my Father, who gave all for poor sinful me.
I thank you God that you are a loving Father.


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