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Ken’s newsletter 3

The past three months I can truly say from the bottom of my heart has been delicious to my soul. I have enjoyed it and amazed at the goodness of God. He has been with me unconditionally, sustaining me through the nights and greeting me with warm affectionate smiles in the morning. He has driven me to heights of beholding is sweet love and the grace he has lavished so freely upon his children. He has also worked in my heart, changing me to be more like His Son Jesus Christ. One way He has done that is by making me more servant hearted - thinking of others good before my own and not to think lofty opinions of myself. In the past month, many things have occurred of which I shall brief you of their ends.

Alpha course:
Looking back at the 10 weeks Alpha course, I can say with my hands solemnly placed on my heart that the Spirit of God has done a remarkable work. With many becoming Christians and many more growing in their faith has encouraged many of us and forced me to praise and give glory to God. I was a leader in the student group which mainly consisted of girls. Throughout the course we grew as a team and discussions flowed like water and many were comfortable to ask the difficult questions and express what they really felt. God’s grace was with us as He gave us wisdom and knowledge and friendly atmosphere covered in his sweet presence. I am delighted that the group will continue through an extended small group where we will continue to meet up in the new year and help the students in their journey with Jesus.

Leadership meetings:
Every Monday morning I have the privilege to attend the woodlands staff leadership meeting. I have been much encouraged by this meeting as I get to hear encouraging stories of what has been happening in people’s lives and in the church. We also pray together and clean together.

Coaching football:
I have recently been going to a primary school every Monday afternoon to coach some kids football. I assist Ian and help out wherever I am needed. The kids overall have been lovely, many loving football and willing to play. Personally I have enjoyed my time in spending time with kids who don’t necessarily go to church and to be able to have an influence in their behaviours. There is no space to declare the gospel but through the football we try to communicate good behaviours and in building relationships with the kids to communicate kingdom behaviour.

Student lunches and UWE:
I love UWE (University of the West of England) and the Christian union there. I love the students there too and this term I am glad to have had the opportunities to visit the campus on Thursdays to encourage the Christians there and to speak the gospel to unbelieving students. Woodlands student lunches has also been opportunities to build relationships with students who don’t come to church. Through the lunches I have been able to build good relationships with some and tell of Jesus and his good news. 

There are many more things that could be said, e.g. the Mullers course, my debate, discipleship, things I have learnt and etc.. but I must keep the newsletter short. 

I thank you for supporting me and praying for me - I thank God with all of my heart for you all and if you would like to sponsor me for my year then please email me at

  • To always love God with all of my heart
  • To seek others good before mine
  • To be bold, insightful and pro-active
  • To excel in the spiritual gifts especially the gift of prophecy to the glory of God and edification of the church
  • To reflect his life and glory - to be a tool for the conversion of sinners
  • To continue in faith for my support knowing without a shadow of doubt that God my heavenly loving Father is able to do immeasurable more than I ask and provide for me abundantly


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