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The Little Valley 2

Immediately to my left, I heard an echoing voice echoing my name saying

“Dimiti, Dimiti, come here and have thy soul instructed on what you have already began”

I was perplexed because I had yet ascribed to no design and my heart was still fixated on the marvellous beauty which has won my soul. “If you gain this Little Valley, you possess me.” Those words rang through my head over and over again wondering what she could mean by possess - I am a mere boy compare to her. She looked young but very old - a companion of wisdom and a friend of the sage. I saw her eyes like doves look intensely into mine, strangely communicating to me that I needed to heed the calling voice.

The voice echoed again.

“Dimiti, Dimiti, come here and have thy soul instructed on what you have already began.”

The voice came deep inside the dungeon, no light to lead me to the strange voice which beckoned my name. I treaded lightly, taking cautious steps, for now I must depart into the unknown. I walked steadily and slowly and began to immerse my self in the darkness wherein soon I was met by a little woman with large eyes and small lips; she wore a long robe which covered her knees and revealed her small feet. Her toe nails were black, a contrast to the small display of her bottom legs which were to my surprise remarkably clean for such an environment.

“Dimiti, Dimiti, come here and have thy soul instructed on what you have already began.” She said.

“Who are you?” She heeded not my question but continued to walk forward, guided by the lamp she held on her small right arm. She repeated the words - “Dimiti, Dimiti, come here and have thy soul instructed on what you have already began.”

I had no choice but to follow because behind me was darkness and emptiness. I felt turning back was a void option; to depart from this call and return from where I came, I would forever grope in the darkness behind me. I followed this strange old woman who had now stopped chanting her phrase for she knew I was following her.

“Here we are boy, here we are Dimiti, here we are man, son of Adam.
Light the room Selianta - arise and light for the boy is here!”

She had led me into a cave, enclosed and shut from the outside world. Those words she uttered immediately caused the cave to fill with light. I saw everything clear as day as if the sun himself illuminated this hollow. There were shelves nailed to the stone walls with pots, pans and books dominating what laid on them. There was a tiny bed in the corner and a fire burning in the middle of the room, the floor decorated smoothly with what I perceived to be onyx which did reflect one’s image. I turned my gaze towards her and repeated my question, “Who are you?”

She ignored my question and began to say “Selianta, appear and show, appear and show, appear and show - the boy is here, the man is here, the Son of Adam is here!”

Immediately, there appeared magically a light which slowly unravelled itself into a human being. It was a female. A beautiful female - her beauty as that of light itself; she became irresistible, unavoidable. My eyes were absorbed in the gracefulness of her attractiveness. Only that earlier magnificence which this young eyes beheld surpassed her in splendour - I walked instinctively towards her, stretching my arms to stroke her skin when she spoke,

“Do not touch me, do not touch me, never touch me if thee want to live.”  She walked with ease, observing my features and manner. She walked around me and continued to speak, “Never touch me Dimiti, never touch me if thee want to live”. She repeated of what I thought was the only words she knew. “Never touch me Dimiti, never touch me if thee want to live”

“Who are you?” I asked her. She paused for a good minute before answering my question.



  1. ooo I'm seriously loving this story! It's fantasy but so real at the same really know how to keep the reader on a hook and rod :)


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