Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Little Valley

Dear reader, not much has inspired me in this dreary life as has been this little valley which I shall now tell you off. Old men have often said, that when they were young, they were inspired by loved ones to enlist for the war, counting their lives as a necessary sacrifice compared to that which has so marvellously inspired their souls. It is with me with this little valley, so high as it driven my soul that each day my mind wonders so merrily to reflect upon its scene.

I need not far to look before I write, no book to search nor nature to inspire but in mine heart to look; for therein is etched that vivid colourful image of that little valley which has forcefully occupied the centre of my heart. I only need to close my eyes and lo it appears, as if right in front of my eyes, as if I could touch and walk on its broad landscape.  Beautiful, beautiful all in me exclaimed longing to once again rest on those soft green grass where butterflies, fruit flies and salmon flies come to engage in their daily discourse of how striking, picturesque and convivial this little valley is.

Dear reader, this little Valley is breathtaking and ideal for humanity’s resting place. Earth possesses nothing in her to show more fair, no hill nor garden can compare. Dull is the man who walks straight by without a pause, without setting his camp for a year or so to live in earth’s only paradise. This little valley has excommunicated from its dwellers any trace of misery and sorrow, no one may stay and be woeful, no eye may see and not be giving to lust after its ownership.

You may ask me dear reader, if this Little Valley is as beautiful and heavenly as you say, then why has no man occupied it, no country claimed it, no god avowed it. That is because, at its entrance there is a clause upon entering, there is a blessing and a curse. If any man, country or god should own it they must meet the clause. But failure will awaken the curse, like a filthy executioner, it will execute the dreadful and terrible curse upon the man to whom fate disfavours. The curse is for all eternity, it never ends - fire and brimstone torments the flesh of all who fails. As a warning, before any man may make their resolution of whether to pursue or forfeit there treasure, there is to the right of the entrance of the Little Valley a dungeon where one may enter and for a minute feel the dreadful nature of the curse. Many wise, strong and valiant men have entered the dungeon and thought the pain too much to bear for all eternity. The little valley, being the sum of life was not worth the torture of their souls for all eternity. So, in weeping and grief only a few have endeavoured to pursue to enter in; who were fools who heeded not the warning of first entering the dungeon to feel the heaviness of the curse. In their imprudence they engaged in an adventure to that which fate has not baptized them to but soon awakened the deadly curse whom like justice blindly strikes her sword without mercy nor pity. They fell by the wayside, scorned and tortured by the eternal flames.

The curse is a terrible affliction, but my lot fell favoured on fates happy side. This I shall now tell you of the beginning of my adventure to possess and own this Little Valley; for that which inspired me being the Valley itself contained an inner treasure, a living being whom I saw from a distance. She looked more beautiful than the Little Valley and it seemed so strangely that she told my heart that she was the authour of what I beheld. “If you gain this Little Valley, you Possess me”.


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