Saturday, 3 December 2011

Upward call to Heaven 6

I went to bed last night feeling happy and glad because my deeds of yesterday were of noble themes. I demonstrated Love, hope and charity. Naturally, it is not my easy disposition to possess such qualities but the past few days of really wanting to please Mother and Amelia have produced such loveliness in me.

This morning there was a bright smile on my face and I opened my blue tailored curtains which Mother had sewed for me almost a few months after I was born. I could not see the sun but I saw everything else. I heard footsteps so gentle approaching me and I knew Mother was coming to greet me with her usual morning kiss.

'Morning dear Mother - you are very pretty and lovely this morning and I love you very much'.
She smiled; taking hold of my cheeks she kissed my forehead. It felt so warm and pure. I am the luckiest kid in all of town for I must have the best Mother to have ever lived.

'I have been impressed with you this past few days,' she said as she scrolled her eyes to my open bible and then continued, 'You are very much tidy and are beginning to kick out your old habits. What has brought about such quick transformation'.

She kissed my head again as I was lost for words in replying her question and I soon returned the kiss. Mother left my room and for a minute I laid back on my bed with a sweetness and happiness that I have never felt before. I wondered to myself whether this is the fruit that keeping religion does to the soul and if it is I always want to keep on this right road.


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