Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Wicked witch 1

I knew her to be a wicked witch, a dark uncontrollable detestable thing
This only true in her attitude and love, her eyes also betrays her charm.
One day I passed by her colossal vivid castle, warning all to enter in
But all were wise except I, who this morning had an inquisitive heart.
The black long gates opened all on their own, following a path which led me here
To doors wide and frightingly scary yet persisted I to enter in.
The sight amazed my little eyes, beautifully decorated all she had inside.
A golden lamp here and another there - she must be rich or by deceit obtained.
Cautious steps I dare to take, walking slow to observe her place
I did begin to feel a love I cannot explain - perhaps I’m caught in one of her charms.
Before, the town whispered a yarn of a kid who was much like I
A fool who marched to the wicked witch abode and after was only seen thrice each year.
I wondered hard but returned to the scene to observe the beauty that surrounded me.
A portrait Large endowed the hall, fuzzy and fizzing from distance obscure
But nearer and nearer fuzzy it stayed but could not depart my eyes from what it displayed.
Brazing plates of the richest in life decorated the frame of the picture at hand
With little birds although large in life, eagles and sparrows hugged the edge.
My fingers raised to trace the lines of the one appeared so sparkling bright
When my heart increased its pace appearing to hear a melodic grace.
A sweet aroma must have filled the place, incensed I became suddenly tamed
At last I thought I finally knew peace, but surely a spell of hers invoke
I expected drama of the ugliest kind, bats and dragons and smelly cakes
But light adorned her Solomon’s like porch, and soothing air the friendliest found
Which did encourage my little heart to finish the course.

(to be continued)


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