Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Rene and Poet 14

Poet facing Rene, trying to keep a straight face retold of how he spoke to his beloved of his long love for her.

Poet: Rene I shall now tell you of the story of how finally I told my beloved of the heavenly love I had for her. After you left me I struggled for a while within my soul whether to declare to her of my consuming desire to know her. 

The struggle within my soul went like this: Oh Poet, tonight is the night I must break my yoke. I wished it happened spontaneously wherein I had no time to contemplate my words. Nerves have penetrated the depths of me and since I’ve desired and been persuaded by Rene, I must deliver. This is my first voyage of this kind and before I sail I am stricken with a fever of a familiar kind. Some have called it sea sickness and if I encounter it now without ever sailing how much more when I and the sea should meet. I am sure those amiable dovelike eyes will do not much to calm my nerves but I must be a man - I must fasten my belt, hold my head high and swim if the ship should wreck. I reminisce on my training and how sweet she was to me and how happy and sad we did play in my imaginations. But have I taking her kindness for love and fall deluded to her heavenly smile; whatever truth it may be, one thing I know is that I am in love and she is worthy for me to tell her although I be so unworthy of such a companion. Oh my heart, whatever flames may burn I must burn with it. Whatever she says I must be content with it. Oh my soul can we ever love again - will we be able to sail again if we cannot sail on her steady calm stream. Such was the reasoning’s within my soul that I was persuaded at last that I must know for the sake of my own soul, for the sake of peace and sleep.

Rene: Even to the end, you struggled internally. But I am proud of you my boy, now pour on me the sugar of your story. For I see a lively lavish smile twinkling in your eyes. I know you too well my love to ever keep me in suspense. Tell me of the pleasure in declaring to her your love - I fear now I shall never see you again. 

Poet declared to Rene what happened in their conversation and of how she had felt the same way. She loved him and he loved her - both now united after a season of deep affectionate longings for one another. 


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