Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Joy of Confession 15

Sinner: Sir I feel an unreasonable soul, I need help. My soul is weak, it is extremely sick. If there's not an immediate operation in the next hour I should soon bleed to death. Yea, I should bleed of guilt and die in this heat. O, I want to live no more if I am to live with this. Let me now go to hell or let heaven cover me. But I am a sensible man and I do not want to go to hell, I do not desire it. Surely I am the worst of creatures, a wretch, unfaithful, un-repenting, wicked, evil sinner. I am aroused with jealousy, burning with anger and filled with all such vices. O help sir!

Sir: My friend, you need first to learn to forgive yourself and to think a more humble opinion of yourself. That you are indeed a sinner and no more. You have fallen miserable short of that perfect standard and until you die you will continue to fall short. You see, you are a sinner and think not lofty opinions about yourself. Your misery arises because you have failed to live up to your own expectations and those expectations you pursue are not consistent with that of the gospel. First, you need to release your strivings and kneel before the cross of our Lord and dip yourself entirely in his blood and mercy. Afterwards come by his empty tomb and put on his white garments. There is your righteousness - it is white as snow. AND live in the light of his grace knowing that your works are not so to please him as to earn you his favour but rather what is natural for you to do. Contend no longer in self-pity and take up what is yours in Jesus namely the forgiveness of your sins.

Sinner: O sir, you are as wise as they say. I will no longer dwell in self-pity and take up his mercy which is offered to me today.


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