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The day when nations will no longer learn war

I am looking forward to the day when nations will no longer learn war nor teach it to their children. This horrible beast would at last be banished and locked up in that eternal dungeon reserved for the devil and his angels. He (war) has taken captive the lives of many men, made many wives into widows, left children fatherless, turned soldiers into rapist, countries into oppressive regimes. He has denied aid to the most desperate situations and overlooked the most basic human rights. He comes in the night as well as in the day -his terror is fearsome like a whirlwind it spins uncontrollably until satisfied. He is a mass murderer, all of his end is only in the destruction of people. Humanity his is enemy, like his father (the devil) he hates them bitterly and when he sees the opportunity arise in the hatred of men’s heart, he seizes it and encourages them to take up arms, to put on the clothes of oppression, to forget justice and love and strike under the cloak of ideology and terrorism. Famine becomes a friend, hunger a precious tool, disease a companion and death a joy. Everyday he rules with threats, unleashes despair and crushes the weak. Developments are forsaken, victory is the only cry, ethics is caged and he pronounces a free circulation of arms so that little kids may possess it. He commands the security of all resources, the oil, the diamonds, the power plants, the nuclear facilities, the research centres but abandons the hospitals, the orphanages, the elderly homes, the schools, and lives of all those not important to his will. He is a cruel tyrant, an horrible stench - he will fly abroad to make his name known, he regards no boundary, he is evil.
Some have said that war has a sister, a more friendly kind who only arise when her brother have entirely become blind to justice. She whets her sword, gathers her children and enlist for the battle. She rises for a just purpose, a reasonable cause and seeks to eliminate her brother’s dangerous threats. She has thought and considered, but unable to determine a better way to rid her brother of this vile course; so her hands is forced. She resorts to the same act, the same crimes but driven under the banner of justice. She is more tolerable but causes the same devastation but brings hope. She sigh and cries, she wields unwillingly and in all her struggles has yet to disarm her brother’s ways.
But the day will come when war will be locked away, eternally banished and never seen. He will be as a myth, a hideous dream, a terrible stench. That day shall be glorious, it shall be majestic, men from all the worlds will melt their arsenals, all bullets will be buried and every Kalashnikovs thrown into space. Freedom will return, ethics will be freed, peace will reign, righteousness will rule, love will be possessed by all and no rules would be found. Oh that the day of the return of our Lord Jesus may be quick and fast, come now Lord Jesus, Come quickly.



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