Thursday, 15 December 2011

Miscellanies 25 - All found in the same room

The vision my friends is for a renewed society and renewal of human life. It is said that the lion will lie down with the lamb as well as the wolf with the kid. In the kingdom of Christ, as it is here and as it should be, the rapist is found in the same room as the raped, the persecutor is in the same room as the persecuted, the wicked and vile dictator are in the same room as the poor, the homosexuals are in the same room with the religious, the educated found in the same room as the uneducated and all those who were aggressors as well as the victims were found in the same room. Those who were apathetic are found in the same room as those with great zeal. In this room are they all found together, singing and rejoicing, creating a new society where injustice and hatred are gone. The only things hated are those things which are intangible, evil spirits, principalities and ideologies which are contrary to Christ’s kingdom principles. Be what you may my friend, the door is open to you. Come inside and be transformed, to be one as we are in Christ Jesus.


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