It's you I see

She did refuse to know me more 
But glad I did employ this task.
I wonder now if ears will hear
And whisper of the task I had.
But praise to God this chain now free
Such lofty thoughts finally crushed.
Now I'm set with a single mind
A missionary call that's long been etched.
I Must embark
A solitary soul
And when He pleases to join my hands
With a Pilgrim to aid my sleep
Or she may still be my queen.
All I know is my debts are paid
A flickering smile upholds my face. 
Jesus, you are the end of my soul
My pride abandoned to you I hold
A festive feasts of Love supreme
For you repair this breach that's sown.
That day when all heart-breaks mend
I see by faith and not by sight.
To you I cling not like a doubtful Man
Its you I see - A perfect Man.



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