Monday, 26 December 2011

The Joy of Confession 16

Sinner: Dear Sir, Lately I feel that I cannot come to God to ask him of anything - I feel a guilt within my soul that I have not done what I ought therefore I am in no position to ask him of anything. Like Fathers on earth, they reward their children when they have done well likewise I feel God will not hear me because I haven’t done what I ought to do. As a result I feel him as far as the sky, I feel as a man looking for a coin in the ocean. Help me sir, for I do not feel right when he is so far away.

Sir: My Son, I beg you refrain from uttering such blasphemies against your heavenly Father. Were he to reward us ultimately based on our works, what soul could stand. But blessed is the man against whom the lord will not count his sin. The one who works his wages are not counted as a gift but as his due. My Son, forget your works and soley rely on his grace. No more have a detestable mind but be renewed.

Sinner: Do you mean then sir that God rewards me not because of my works but because of his grace towards me?

Sir: Yes my Son. Only Jesus has done the necessary work. You only need to accept it and repent continually. Now bow your head and pray in faith, ask for whatever you desire - Your sins are forgiven and the righteousness of Jesus Christ covers you this day and for the rest of your life.

The sinner went away rejoicing, giving glory to God for his grace and mercy and for the righteousness of Jesus Christ.


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