Sunday, 4 December 2011

Watching Sitcoms or Seeking God

It seems that the television and all the shows and music has dulled our moral compass, views and joy of God. If we spend nearly as much time indulging with delight at the things of God as we do with these other things, how much more would we possess such knowledge and energy and power to see more of his presence in this world. Let us not throw our hands in the air and entertain the notion that our real pleasure is with God when it is the contrary, simply by what we default to when bored or what our hearts really desire. You cannot pray for an hour or read your bible for an hour but you sure can watch your favourite sitcom for days. This is the reality of the picture, let us throw away our Photoshop copies of what we say we are, and be real with ourselves. You want his presence but do you pray, you want to see his glory, do you seek it. I write this to throw coals at your feet so that you may hop and hop until you realize it will soon burn your feet. Your affection is dead, your love is cold only reignited on Sundays and it soon flickers out before the sunrise of Monday morning. Those who run successful companies will tell you that they are about one thing, that is, their business. And it should be with those who confess Jesus as Lord, that their one thing should be his glory. But it is not - in fact it is not 50 percent when one considers the motives of why one does what one does. You find a different motive, a different king which is the self. We find that same principle at work which was working mightily in the disciples when our Lord was betrayed by wretched Judas which is that, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Your flesh is too weak for spiritual things but it is mightily strong for your sitcoms and those other things you love to do. Man would spend many hours to tune his skills for natural things and spend many years in training to compete adequately; but spiritual duties are seen with a different eye; they are kept at the back of the cupboard and frozen until needed. My friends I am appealing to you as well as to myself, that, let us put away our childish ways and truly put into practice that command which calls us to seek his glory and will in everything we do. If there is a thing that you do which cannot glorify God, take it to the dump. Sins are therefore to be buried without a funeral; no words should be uttered over them except that of repentance. 


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