Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Earth's only rose

I sat across a beautiful face
          One which my eyes looked not away.
 Such simplicity
 Natural owned
                   Earth's only rose.
A Princess of a distant land
                 Distinct, revealing peace through her slowly blinking eyes.
Drawing near. 
  A crowd of earth's finest flowers blocking my path.
'Why keep me away earth's flowers?'
'She is untouchable until the hour comes'. Replied a chorus of voices.
'When is that hour, what day will it come?'
'Those with patience sleep shall wake when the time is complete.
                                  Will you sleep with patience?'
'I have no other errand to run but for her'.
'Wait, until time reveals that hour which none but to fate known'
I waited a century Long.
She, still bright, Earth's only rose.
 I wither,  withered away -
Becoming a flower like them, hindering the path to her.
A young man once Like I, sat across her beautiful face
           One which his eyes looked not away.
Desiring her once like I
His end will in a century be one Like mine.

in order for the boy to have her who has so captivated him, he has to wait until the hour comes. but no one knows when that hour is. so the boy waits but of course time ages him and he becomes like all who have waited and sought to have her. of course this can also be metaphorical for those who perhaps are seeking eternal life but in order for them to have that which has won their soul they have to wait and of course time takes away their strength and they never know what time their master will return.

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