Sunday, 23 December 2012

Come Holy Spirit

I am convinced that only the Holy Spirit can make men be sensible of the awful condition of their sin in relation to the Holiness of God and the eternal damnation of their souls. I am also convinced that only the Holy Spirit can make men do anything to the glory of God, or have a continual will to please him because He is the treasure of their soul. Man is so far from God by nature that unless he is aided by the Holy Spirit, man can do nothing good, nothing which could arouse any merit as to make heaven watch in applause. When the Holy Spirit withdraws from a saint, as to hide himself for a season, How easy it is for that saint to find himself delighting with the things of the world, or at least having no will for the things of righteousness. I know something of it and it scares my soul. It drives me to my knees pleading to heaven that the Spirit should come out from His shadows and come again to my light. Without thee I cannot delight in Christ, without thee I shall continue to shipwreck my faith. This truth has driven me to prayer for my lost friends for I know that without the Spirit's effectual aid that many shall continue in their depraved state, having no tears towards God for their sins, having no real repentance about them. I fear also that many in the church are without the Holy Spirit's conviction. They have only morals and feel only what mere mortals feel in wrong doing. They have no fear of God, they have never delighted themselves in Christ and they have no everlasting fruit. The blessed Apostle said that 'No one can say Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit', and our Lord Jesus also said 'Unless one is born again they cannot enter the kingdom of heaven'. The whole world is in darkness, they have no sense in seeing their moral midnight. The bright afternoon is far from them unless the Holy Spirit brings them such a bright light to dispel their fruitless evenings. I cry in the deepness of my soul for such an effectual grace to be poured out on them especially on those who feel that they are not lost but are in fact more lost than those who realize it not. I have walked in the night and lately have slumbered in it only to realise my folly made known to me by the divine Spirit. Without his aid and effort I should be as blind to my misery as many who are now on the ship of the world. This is why I look upon those on this voyage with great mercy and pity, not with condemnation, for such eyes and heart will do them no good. I can only look upon them with love and prayer hoping that my intercession to the Father will prevail against their will, snatching them from the ship to hades to the upward ladder to paradise. But God, I must confess that I have not prayed as I ought. I have not wept for them as I ought and I have not had such a great deal of urgency for their salvation as that apostle who was moved with fear and love to do as much as he can to persuade men and women to seek the reconciliation which God offers to orphaned humanity. O my brothers and sisters, our friends without the Lord have only one hope, namely, the effectual calling of the God in their souls. And we must not be angered by their blindness for it is only natural for them to do the deeds of darkness because anything done without faith is sin. And since they possess no faith towards God, even the best of them, yet we must love and love until we bleed, until we feel the heavy stones of their persecution, saying with our crucified master, 'Forgive them Father they know not what they do'. For if they did know they would be wise and sensible, although some do know and are beyond the lines of repentance. They are those that the Spirit will never visit for He has determined never to kiss them with grace for they have blasphemed his name. Such are the ones who have committed that sin which leads to death of which Apostle John instructs us not to pray for. I too will have no desire to pray for them but I do not know them. Therefore I lift up my hands, praying for all in as much as they are brought to my memory. O Holy SPirit come and do your convicting work in the hearts of my friends, come and regenerate poor sinners for this makes the Heart of Christ, your beloved Glad.


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