Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Lonely jogger

You see my friend, there is no one for me who will last the race with me. My role is to be of a good company for a while, to jog along with you for a certain distance and then to acquaint you with other joggers. At first your attachment to me will be much, then slowly it fades because your attachment to them becomes stronger. I will soon set you in their midst and soon you will be one of them. I will quietly slow my pace and watch you jog ahead with them. You will not notice my departure for I would have determined your heart to be as happy with them as possible. Then I must continue on my race alone until I find a lonely jogger and begin the task again. That’s how I found you and soon I must leave you and you must leave me. “I could be the one for you.” My good friend, there is already one for me but He is at the end of the race. I can picture the elation on his face when finally I shall join him. But once upon a time, I thought myself to be in the best of company, assured that She was for me. Such a feeling I have never felt except when I began this race. I will feel it again when I finish it. The bond between us was like electricity, it was that of a mighty wave pounding upon a rock. My heart knew no slowness. I thought she was for me, the one I will finish this race with but it was not to be. She was the highest  pleasure I had ever felt among all God’s creatures, but she found a better happiness amidst the company I introduced her too. I did smile and cry when she began to pace with the crowd and I slowed my step. I almost wished to stop but I remembered him, his joy, his love and gladness for me and quickly and slowly I continued my journey.

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