Thursday, 27 December 2012

Her feelings for me

"Is Bristol ready for you?" Her soft serene eyes sparkled with a smile as she questioned.
With a cheerful pause lingering in the atmosphere, I replied,  "I'm not that exciting."

She understood not my meaning but yet emitted a summers smile.

I continued to express from my answer: "Bristol in all her winterish manners is I think indifferent to me."
With a calm yet wanting curiosity she said, "You don't sense much of an opinion either way from Bristol, no? Sometimes I feel like Bristol has an opinion, she thinks I shouldn't be there but sometimes she makes me feel warmly welcomed. You know, I think your pretty face is exciting but don't let your lack of excitement make you feel that Bristol isn't ready for you."

Her blushing soft flowery warmth showered me to continue the conversation. I responded.

"Not at all. Bristol never speaks to me. She is unlike London in her ever uncaring state about my fickle welfare. Whereas London pays attention and kisses me with the soft touches of comfort. I always feel London's presence although She is very much unfaithful in her ways, yet, she loves me with all of her soul. Bristol yet remains a stranger. Long into the nights I have called to her to come and have a conversation with me but to no avail. She remains quiet as the walls and far away as the stars above, although I dwell in the place where she calls her own. But to her I must return. Her feelings towards me is as cold as winter. No. It's worse. It is neither hot nor cold. It is lukewarm; indifferent like the sun to mankind's sorrows. If she was to me as harsh as the icy January days then I may begin to plan how I could flatter her in order for her to have hot feelings towards me like the heat possesses for June. But Bristol has nothing of that sort for me. She continues her existence, bestowing kisses, favours and hatred to all that live in her but me she acknowledges not."

With a great gravity of care in her feminine soul, she did try to persuade me that Bristol does have a lightning jolt of care for me. Her attractive, ear warming voice almost persuaded me to believe that Bristol retained an abundance of respectable affection for me but I replied with all of Romeo's confidence for Juliette that, "Silent respectable affections is not much use to anyone".


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