Monday, 31 December 2012

This new year

Begin the day with God, He is my rising Sun, He is the new day that conquers my yesterday, the tomorrow with new hope brings. Arise my dull heart and lift up His praise, open my feeble eyes, His glory to see, open my deaf ears, His voice to hear, awaken my affections, His love to feel. Mercy and grace He has for me today. Shall we not with creation say, "you are Lord who gives us all we need", I humbly bow at your majesty. Not by force you won my heart, but by love and through pain not your own, you bore mine so your lightness I can have, I live today brushing slothfulness away. This new year I am casting every weight aside, every sin to be tangled no more, righteousness shall be my constant theme to play, your joy proclaim welcoming all to adore thy fame. O the path whether golden or bloody I shall walk, whether tears or smiles I shall sing of you with my all, never to be lacking in zeal for your glory, looking beyond the clouds for my goal is yonder skies. This new year righteousness and peace shall kiss, and grace and truth shall walk  hands in hands, and every Christian I pray be of one accord, singing only Christ and all that He has done. No more lingering for water that does not quench, treasuring the pearl for which we have forsaken all, not love for Family will weaken my love for thee, thy gospel I pray shall influence all my ways. My part I employ like angels above, seeking thy face like Moses of old, if this year I die I shall be glad, that your errand I ran with joy delight.


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