Thursday, 6 December 2012

The writings of Sunny Caane (6)

My upright friend whom my soul adores did send me another letter, something relating to the previous letters I have received lately. I must do counsel with them all and respond in due time, but here is what he wrote:

Sunny, In all my pain I have learnt a lesson that pleasure and ease could not have been my teachers. Leisure would have been incompetent nor have the luxury to instil such hope and frankness in my severe hours of trial. As you know that I am now in my hours of broken-heartedness and how deep the injury flows. But in this pleasing pain I have learnt a lesson that mutual love never would have taught me even its basic premises. But here I am Sunny, fickle yet strong, knowing that whomever should possess this soul of mine next will need to have it in a greater degree or lustre than I did for her. If the intensity for my new love is found not to be greater, then my dreams shall still swim in her sea, and my sky will still be spread across her universe.

Forever friends


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