Sunday, 23 December 2012

What is your infliction? What are your sorrows?

The glorious hope we have should make our burdens light and momentary, that although we feel them as heavy as the earth, yet, our soul is full of heaven's joy because of the hope that awaits us.
What is your infliction? What are your sorrows? Can you compare them to the bliss to come? Would you have it the other way around, namely, to have your rest here and your sorrows in hell for all eternity.
O endure! Endure until death takes you home. Tell your captives that you are singing; that their ills is all from God's discliplinary hands. O tell them that their evil is for your good; every sweat and tears will soon be wiped away. Tell them that your injuries will not cause you to sway and although you perish in Egpyt yet you will rise in Canaan's bliss.

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