Saturday, 15 December 2012

A prayer for my soul - No Christmas for me

Dear God, I'm dying inside

There will be no Christmas for me

If soon I don't see the light.

Lost in my misery, estranged to the world of the living,

Fighting a range of passions, I really don't want to be feeling.

Misguided and Lost, I just want to get away

Trying to keep the faith, but sin keeps killing me.

Worried about my past, got me anxious about the future

Every time I sleep, I see the devil in my dreams

Dear Lord can you hear me? I've got friends who ain't like me

Feeling what I ain't feeling, nobody cares about my ills.

Doubting my own salvation, no line of grace I can see

Has heaven got a room, for orphans like me?

I want this passion gone, it seems I loved the wrong one.

Scared to come out, my pride is keeping me inside.

Take me away, to the place I once knew

Where you were all I dreamed, my soul was accustomed to no misery.

I wanna love life, but death seems a better friend

Man of sorrows, Please heal me with the stripes you bore.

Dear God, please help me

Or there will be no Christmas for me.


This prayer is for those who are feeling far away from God or feel a struggle within their soul. They are wanting to be free of the power of sin or feelings which they feel in their nature that does not prize Christ as their highest treasure.


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