Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Her eyes catches mine

Her eyes catches mine. Sitting opposite we exchange glances. I wondered what her curiosity with my face may be. Perhaps She likes my features which are mere ordinary in my eyes and hers is like that of a sunflower in all of its colourful glory. Her feminine frame is petite; her manners seems to flow from nature in the way she smiled at me. But the circumstances disagrees with our acquaintance, denying us a momentary time of happiness. I’m sure a conversation with her would be magnificent, not so much in the manifestation of it but in all the pent up energy behind it. My heart is racing for her as the champion horse, neighing ever loudly till at last my galloping legs cross that finishing line. O to know this wonder! But my heart be steady - this is the beginning of all unfaithfulness. Now is the time to remember the wise words of Solomon, to forsake the glance of the adulteress; not that she is one or that I am married. But this opportunity I must relinquish. It is not worth a length of sorrows for a day of pleasure. Tomorrow I shall be glad that I did not fall for that which my flesh desired. And I shall look at my beloved with a faithful eye and tell her that I am pure towards her and no woman have I engaged with in the act that will soon belong alone to me and her.

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