Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Spot on

She has a very good analysis of my condition, sensing a difference in me, feeling that the light I carried as somehow faded. She was spot on. And there is a reason for such a poor display of sunshine in my heart. It is not because of a lack of peace, or a lack of security but it is something more sober, more humbling and more, perhaps, uncertain. The uncertainty of which I speak relates to the increasing frustration or rather, a lack of joy I seem to possess from my current work and activities. I will and wish to flee somewhere else, desiring a duty that will please my soul. There is a remedy to this lack of joy, namely, to see Christ through it and to do it all to his glory. Now that view will make any duty sound glorious and worth doing to one's utter most strength and ability. The sobering and humbling experience I feel moving on from the uncertainty is due to another cause which does bear its effects upon my Christ Sufficient nourished soul. These humbling and sobering matters are for me to reflect upon, to write poetries of, and to use as springboards towards the highland of imagination.


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